Civil Litigation

Our firms Civil Litigation practice is based on the foundation of protecting our clients interests and responding rapidly to their needs. At WSWGS, we realize our clients expect us to work quickly and quietly to resolve disputes, and our experience enables us to efficiently find the most appropriate strategy. Whether we are working with an insurance company or representing the City of Savannah, we understand that reacting quickly and decisively is in the best interests of our clients.

The Civil Litigation attorneys at WSWGS take great pride in our capability to organize and manage extremely complex litigation matters, and we believe our approach to complex litigation is the primary reason our firm has been able to develop and sustain long standing client relationships. In addition to a process that is built upon efficiency, our firm emphasizes adhering to the highest ethical standards during dispute resolution. During our practices history, WSWGS has established a reputation for fair dealing, and our clients benefit from the firms standing in the legal and business community.

Our attorneys at WSWGS are provided the resources to staff the most complex litigation matters and provide cost-effective and efficient legal services regardless of the size of the matter. Our legal team works to thoroughly evaluate the merits demerits of each case quickly and begin moving toward reaching a swift resolution that is in the best interest of our client.

Attorneys in Practice

Julianne Glisson William Shearouse Stuart Halpern William Glass George Milmine Helen Hester Rob Casella
Malcolm Mackenzie Mark Shawe